Iris Apfel

I came across some time ago a documentary on the fashion icon, Iris Apfel.

Just looking at what she is wearing, the mix of clothes, designers, colourful combinations, jewelry, beads, glasses, is all an inspiration.

I guess I’m not the only one to think this. In 2005 The Costume Institute, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York had¬†an exhibition about her style.


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How cool is she? I hope I look like her when I’m 90 years old ūüôā


Pattern Design Inspiration

As I’m these days drawing and designing textile patterns, I’m constantly looking for inspiration.¬†One textile designer I never get tired of is William Morris.

Let’s have a look at some of his works, shall we?


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Image Source herewilliam_morris-morrisco-1884-cray1Image source here


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I find it fascinating that he created these textile designs¬†more than 100 years ago. Don’t you agree?

Welcome Summer

Welcome Summer

It has been a very very long time since you heard from me, life has been a lot busier after¬†the arrival of our beautiful boy. But I’m now back in business and will be sending you some more fun and dashing inspiration!

A place I go back to again and again and again to get inspiration is Svenskt Tenn in Stockholm. I cannot think of a better way to welcome summer with these beautiful and colourful textiles and wallpapers designed by Josef Frank.


josef frank1 svenskttenn4 svenskttenn5

josef frank2

Don’t you agree?

All photos are in courtesy of Svenskt Tenn

Stunning British Design & Interiors

When I lived in London I would sometimes go to Soane to meet my very good friend, Margaret (who at the time worked there), after work before going for a drink. I remember very well going into the showroom in Pimlico and see all the amazingly crafted furnitures, lightning and fabrics for upholstery and curtains beautifully displayed.

What makes Soane so unique is the great design and that every piece in their collection requires a variety of traditional skills, all of which is made by craftsmen in Britain. All the pieces  are therefore produced in very high quality.

Another thing which makes Soane unique is the use of strong and soft colours and pattern in their furniture and textiles for curtains and upholstery. This gives the interiors in varies rooms different moods and atmospheres.


The Kymo Cabinet -Hand sculpted plywood finished with a high gloss lacquer and cedar wood interior


The Cushion Chair


The Library Chair


Pineapple Lamp in antique bronze




Soane’s showroom has a very charming atmosphere so if you are in London this is a place to go to for inspiration.

Images in curtesy of Soane Britian

Textile Designing Sisters

A couple of days ago I came across a very inspiring and beautiful textile and design company based in New York, specialising in high-end, customized hand embroidery on textiles.

The company, Combray textile and design, is ran by two french sisters, Aurelie and Laure, born and raised in Paris.

The embroidery techniques are founded on the traditional savoir-faire craftsmanship. This makes it possible to design and create unrestricted, both traditional and contemporary, images on textiles for interior decoration.

Not only do their collection is composed on fabrics, pillows, throws or upholstered original furniture, but they also experiment with a variety of materials such as wooden or metallic beads and colored and metallic thread and fabric appliqués.





These side table are of wood structure upholstered with satin and reinette embroidery.


I have to say I’m very glad some designers are keeping the¬†art of old craftsmanship such as embroidery alive, so it will continue to live in our contemporary settings.

I could unfortunately not get the best images to show you these beautiful crafted textiles, but take a look at their website for more inspiring photos.

Images in curtsey of

Latest from Liberty London

 Liberty London has just launched a new fun and colorful accessories collection.

I have always had a soft spot for Liberty’s prints and textiles, and I love the latest collection’s¬†decorated in Iphis Liberty print in red, ¬†black, aqua blue¬†and gold. The print is a¬†a new variation of¬†classic Ianthe print which¬†Liberty first started using¬†in the 1960s.





¬†Don’t you find the print and colour combinations beautiful?

Image curtsy

Norwegian Design

 The Norwegian design duo StokkeAustad and designer Andreas Engesvik have in collaboration designed The Woods. The designers vision with the sculptures are close a gap between industrial design and arts & crafts.

These carefully hand blown glass sculptures reflect the northern light and different seasons in Scandinavia. The Woods have an organic, calm, austere and a very beautiful colourful expression.





Don’t you find them beautiful and inspiring?

Images in courtesy of Andreas Engesvik, Oslo